Getting to the root of the problem

To help you keep your natural dental substance as long as possible is our goal as your dentist. If there is a chance to save an infected tooth, we will do everything possible to achieve this. For this reason, the root canal is one of our areas of expertise. The root canal system of a tooth is comparable to the fine branching of the roots of a tree. As a result of an infection or injury the internal tissue of a tooth, the so-called “dental pulp”, can become infected or damaged. By performing a root canal treatment we can retain a tooth that would otherwise need to be pulled. During the treatment the infected or damaged tissue is first removed from inside the tooth using the operation microscope to then be replaced with a special material called “gutta-percha”. Root canals can be an elaborate procedure and place high demands on the dentist and his technical facilities. Successful root canal treatments retain the tooth long-term and generally the treatment is free of pain.