Digital X-ray

In our practice exclusively digital X-ray images are created. In this method the X-rays are converted directly from sensors into digital signals that are processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor as a picture. These images can be immediately assessed and evaluated. Highly accurate representations and especially the reduced radiation exposure by up to 90% are the key benefits for the patient.

Digital volume tomography – DVT

The process of digital volume tomography allows computer-based, three-dimensional representation and reporting structures of the mouth and jaw area:
We use this procedure when:
• Ability to maintain diagnosis of diseased teeth
• Three-dimensional planning of minimally invasive surgery with best predictability in implant dentistry
• Finding the root canals in endodontics,
• Diagnosis of bone in the course of Periodontology
• diagnosis of maxillary sinus diseases caused by odontogenic
• Diagnosis of the location of wisdom teeth or foreign objects to important anatomic structures such as nerves or maxillary sinus a.

The digital volume tomography provides the most modern sensor technology and selective imaging of small areas significantly less stress on the body by X-rays than the classical CT absorption (computed tomography), with much better image quality.